ReadyMaid has been on the market since 2008, being a specialist in the placement of housemaids, caretakers and all experienced personnel in domestic activities. ReadyMaid has a team of consultants guided by Laura Fernandes Vieira, with a lot of experience in domestic management consulting and on the choice of uniforms or shoes more suitable for the professionals who work in the houses or companies.

Laura Fernandes Vieira

Laura Fernandes Vieira

How did you come up with the idea of being a businesswoman?
I worked as a lawyer for many years and always had a very entrepreneurial spirit, since I was a child.

With more than a decade of existence, it can be said that ReadyMaid has been the adventure of a lifetime. How did the idea of creating this company come about?
The idea came in the recovery phase of the birth of my twins, in June 2007 (2nd and 3rd children), I needed more flexible schedules and, above all, I realized the importance of maids in my family, personal and professional life. I have always loved to work, I have too much energy (laughs), and without a maid I would not be able to realize my dreams and my projects.

So this idea comes out of your personal need for a maid?
Completely! Housemaids have been and are immensely important in my life. For their support to the house, the kids and me. For the bonds of affection that are created with the family, I have enormous gratitude for them. Incidentally, before this activity, I was already getting maids for everybody (laughs).

Do you feel professionally accomplished with this activity?
I feel very accomplished, really. On the one hand, I truly enjoy helping families find support, using not only my 11-year professional experience working on it, but my personal experience as a Customer of this service. On the other hand, it is very gratifying to work with this social segment, being able to provide employment to people, so often, in situations of extreme difficulty.

What is the secret for recruiting the right professional?
I would say that the secret is to make a very personalized recruitment and try to know, to the best of your ability, the Customer, his needs, and even his personality, and understand what should be the right professional for the job.

Making this adjustment is easy?
You have to have a great intuition, I think I have this gift. Having a committed like the one I have is very important too.

Do you have a good relationship with your team?
I love my team! Without them none of this would be possible. They are people who have a unique dedication. I think I infected them with my passion for this area of business (laughs).

ReadyMaid only recruits housemaids?
ReadyMaid recruits a wide range of professionals, from housemaids (live-in and external), care takers, drivers, personal assistants, school assistants, support to the elderly and sick, etc. ReadyMaid is also a uniforms shop, focused mainly on domestic workers. It was considered the most beautiful uniforms store in the Iberian Peninsula and one of the most beautiful in Europe, along with some Italian shops.

Are your uniforms affordable?
Yes, I would say that our prices are very competitive and the cheapest ones within the brands we represent. We have cheaper brands and we also have brands with more beautiful and chic pieces.

ReadyMaid is a company that has been thriving. In the future, what goals do you hope to achieve?
ReadyMaid has thrived, indeed. This is due to my team that is so committed, dedicated and, above all, immensely available. Future objectives: to maintain and improve the service quality and Customer recognition, thus continuing to increase our market share.

If you had to describe your company what words you would use? Professionalism;
Enormous availability;

Are you happy here?
No doubt about it, I love what I do!


“Serving for pure duty can be a sacrifice. But if you have taste in serving, it can become an art. The art of serving well is after all the art of serving with taste.”

Laura Fernandes Vieira

“The ReadyMaid team, which I love so much.”

“The ReadyMaid team, which I love so much.”